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Please select the product for which you wish to download files by selecting it from the menu below (please note: Pen Drive does not require any drivers, apart from when running on Win 98).

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All Pen Drive Products (besides Pen Drive Camera)

Available downloads:

File: Description:
AutoRun1.zip (118Kb) Makes your Pen Drive products to run the AP program immediately when you plug the Pen Drive to the USB port of the computer.
Make_bootable.zip (465Kb) Makes your Pen Drive products to be bootable.
PCLock_Program.zip (325Kb) Makes your Pen Drive to be a device to lock your PC or notebook
PenMail.zip (409Kb) Send and receive email via Pen Drive
SecretZip_Program2.zip (405Kb) ZIP the data of the Pen Drive

If you encounter problems trying to download any of the files;

  • Windows users: try right-clicking the link and selecting "Save Link As…"
  • Mac users: try Control (ctrl)-clicking the link and selecting "Download Link to Disk"

You will require a program capable of expanding ".zip" files. We recommend WinZip for Windows users or Stuffit Expander for Mac OS users.